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Turn is a slice-of-life supernatural roleplaying game with quiet drama about shapeshifters in small, rural towns. Our Kickstarter funded at 207%, and we're on track to fulfill the core PDF content by March 2019 and the print content by May 2019. Find more details in our Kickstarter updates! Please consider preordering a copy of the game for yourself OR one of our Bison community copies for a marginalized community member.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Organizer Art, Stretch Goals, Reminders!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 12:28:13 AM

The Organizer by John W. Sheldon. They look so great!
The Organizer by John W. Sheldon. They look so great!

Hi everyone!

I’ve posted an update to backers only with the PDF draft for you all to check out! This update is about the stretch goals and just some reminders.

Please make sure to fill out your survey if you have not, and share the survey for marginalized individual and organization community (Bison) copies with anyone you think may like a copy of Turn! It’d also be great if you’d share the pre-order link around.

Stretch Goals Update

I also have some news about the stretch goals. I’m currently finalizing edits on the Italian stretch goal and Gerrit’s Halver town! All of the stretch goals so far have turned out uniquely great and I’m looking forward to sharing some with you. I have a little bit of unfortunate news, though. 

Anders, our designer for the Mormon communities stretch goal, unfortunately has to step out of the project. Due to some scheduling issues that have come up, he’s determined that rather than delay the release of the stretch goals, he’ll step out. I’m very sad to see him go, but I have tried to ensure working on the stretch goals hasn’t been a hardship for anyone. That applies here!

While there is not enough time to fully replace the stretch goal, what I want to do to make this up to everyone is do something I had as a backup plan – design a border town as a town type with a brief essay and include the Coyote archetype Anders had initially been working on for his stretch goal. I’m going to consult with Thomas Novosel, who lives in a northern US border town, and seek out someone who lives on the southern border of the US (inside or outside of it) to get their perspective as well. This is what I can do with the remaining allotted funds and the time we have, and I hope that it will make it up to you backers! 

We genuinely appreciate your support every day, and want to ensure that you get what you paid for. I can’t promise more than what I’ve listed here, but you know I will always make an effort to go above and beyond!

Here are some clips from Meguey’s work and Jaye’s work for you to read in the meantime!

The Traveller by Jaye Foster

This is the text for the human role in the Harmouth stretch goal by Jaye.

Your life is spent in transit, moving from one location to the next. This is not a true wanderlust as you always return to home to sleep. Need or boredom keep you from staying in one place for too long, limiting how well you connect with others. For you, movement is your natural state of being, making it easy to be a guide.

On history and loss by Meguey Baker

This is an excerpt from the essay for the Smeed Hill stretch goal by Meguey.

There’s a braid of hidden threads that run steady in many of these towns, of pride, determination, and resentment. Some people hold only one or two, some hold all three. Pride because it’s a breathtakingly beautiful valley, with families that have been here for 300 years with the names in the cemetery on the hill, marching through the years and down onto the street signs, and then to the mailboxes and the voices around the table in the corner cafe. Determination because whatever the world has thrown at these sturdy people who’ve been here forever, or at these new seekers hoping to carve a bit of a life far from the big city, it takes grit and resourcefulness to do anything worthwhile. Resentment because it’s so easy to see the things that have passed this place by, the missed opportunities, the bright dreams that diminished from castles in the sky and the few mansions on the hills to the sensible mid-century farmhouses and practical sheet-metal outbuildings.

Backers Only: PDF Draft Preview!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 10:17:53 PM

This post is for backers only. Please visit Kickstarter.com and log in to read.

PDF Release Delayed, Moose, Confidante, & Possum Finished!
about 2 months ago – Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 03:18:05 AM

Hello all!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm for Turn! We are super excited to get the game into your hands, and doing our best to make that happen. With that in mind, some updates!

PDF Layout In Progress 

The PDF layout is in process, but will not be completed by the planned release date. I assure you that no matter how disappointed you are in this situation, I'm far more disappointed in myself for not adequately supporting John while he's been ill. The only thing we can do is keep working and get it done as soon as we can! We'll try to get some review images up for you soon, and we'll release the draft PDF as soon as it's ready for you to see, then get it out the door to be a final file shortly thereafter. We don't think it will take much longer, but I'm trying to give John some space to just work and make progress. Please be patient - we are doing our best.

What does this mean for printing?

Printing will happen basically as soon as we can make it happen when the PDFs are ready. Basically, we'll be requesting an updated quote as the page length has grown and we have a larger quantity of books to order, and as soon as we get it, it'll involve getting proofs and proceeding as appropriate. Once we can print, we'll get the process rolling on international shipping and domestic shipping alike.

What about the stretch goals?

The stretch goals are unaffected by the PDF and printing progress! I'll be doing layout based on John's templates for the stretch goals to help ease his workload. I'm finished editing Meguey's and Jaye's, working on Ezio & Lavinia's & Gerrit's now, and soon Anders'. Ezio & Lavinia and Gerrit's take a little more time because editing writing from people who have different primary languages than English or who have a huge cultural difference from me is, as you can imagine, more challenging! 

But we're making great progress, actually, in spite of everyone having life stuff happening - we have had health issues, job difficulties, and even some losses in family and friends, but we're getting the work done. We're just doing it with accommodation of those things, so it takes some time. I'll share some clips from the texts soon, maybe with the PDF previews!

The Confidante, a Moose, and an Opossum are finished!

Three of the secret stretch goals of the Kickstarter were The Confidante, a Moose, and an Opossum, and these are now completed and available here along with the other character sheets! These do not have art at this time, but they're complete character sheets. (These character sheets will be updated with the final PDF & print release, but not yet.) The play guidance for them is as follows (not sure where this will be hosted, as we aren't putting it in the main book - will update when we have decided!):

How to Play the Confidante

The Confidante knows everybody’s business, and people just speak to them with ease, revealing secrets, confessing truths, and sometimes overwhelming them with the information they only sometimes ask for. They are typically well-trusted, though that doesn’t mean well-respected. They know so much about people’s mistakes that they often have good suggestions for how to make things right, or how to do things right in the first place. 

When playing the Confidante, keep in mind that they aren’t just constantly jonesing for gossip - gossip finds them. They are typically open-hearted, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cynical. A heartfelt Confidante is one of the best kinds to play, because they do truly wish for the best for those they open their hearts to. Though, basically every one of them wishes that they could speak freely for once - and be heard.

How to Play a Moose

Moose are huge, lumbering beasts that come across as majestic, even wise, and dangerous because of their sheer size. But, they mostly just want to go about their day, living their lives, and keeping steward over the wilderness while bumping into human spaces that constantly encroach them. Remember that they aren’t aggressive, but they also won’t brook with invasive guests.

How to Play an Opossum

Opossum are much cuter than people think, and they’re very family-oriented if they have family to care for. They are pest-eliminators to an epic degree, clearing out ticks and similar creatures from human-habitated areas by the tens of thousands each month. They’re underappreciated, truly unique, and shockingly humble about it. Play them as very genuine, and as useful.

Some Art Pieces

To leave you with something pretty to look at, here's two of the final pieces by John and Cecilia.

The Lover, by John W. Sheldon. What a sweetie <3
The Lover, by John W. Sheldon. What a sweetie <3
A Bear by Cecilia Ferri.
A Bear by Cecilia Ferri.

Reminder: Share the Community Copies Form!

Make sure to share the community copies form (https://forms.gle/Z3TemVPB7b92yGSe8) to help me reach a broader audience of individuals, community centers, and libraries to send copies of the books to when they are printed. My reach only goes so far! If you're a Bison backer, send it to anyone in particular you want your copy to go to, and if you're any other kind of backer or did an add-on, do the same! Right now we have few responses, so there's still plenty of room for more requests.

Thank you again <3

Thank you all again for your support and understanding, and your continued enthusiasm for the game. Remember that in the meantime the final beta is still at this link and you're welcome to play it if you'd like! I want to start doing the special backer level fulfillment as soon as the PDF is ready (for the Cougars, Snakes, and Otters!), so make sure your surveys are complete. I'll be sending out emails starting Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 for scheduling. I have been taking time to send these out to match them with the PDF, so that the backers could see the final product before we finalize anything, but I want to fulfill what I can now. I appreciate you understanding my methods, and your patience with us while we deal with illness and disability at home! 

All the best,

Brie Beau & John & the team

Update: Some Art, Layout, SURVEYS!
about 2 months ago – Mon, Mar 25, 2019 at 12:56:44 AM

Hey all,

First thing's first: We're down to less than 10% of people missing for surveys, which is great, but we need those surveys! Especially for custom level (Cougar, Snake, etc.) backers and Bison backers! I've sent out reminders for these. Please do them as soon as you can - doing fulfillment piecemeal is a sketchy process and I'd like to have this go smoother.

Second thing, I wanted to share some of the lovely art with you!

A Raccoon by Cecilia Ferri.
A Raccoon by Cecilia Ferri.
The Showoff by John W. Sheldon
The Showoff by John W. Sheldon

We're still super happy with the work that Cecilia Ferri did for us with the beasts, and John has made some amazing art for the humans! Speaking of John, he's working on layout right now for the main text! We want to start doing the custom backer level fulfillment as soon as the PDF is ready (so our backers can have a copy of the book to look at for building towns and to play their new Archetypes or Roles!), which we hope will be the end of this month still. 

We're working on the stretch goals - all but one stretch goal is in my hands, and we're doing edits and stuff as necessary to make sure the rules work and that the content is all clear and flavorful! The stretch goal designers have done a great job, and while we've had some delays for various life stuff for literally everyone, we're working through it! 

I've made a big point to prioritize the health and wellbeing of my creators first, and to prioritize my own, too. This sounds counter-intuitive in our capitalistic world and on a funded project, but let me tell you, asking sick people to work on projects is not the right thing to do. Everyone who has taken advantage of a rest period, extended deadline, or day off from me has come back to me with stronger work and more enthusiasm! We set the stretch goal due dates way far out to allow for this, and I think its paying off.

John, as some may know, has also been dealing with some health struggles (rare for him). He's finally found out what's going on and will have some minor outpatient surgery sometime soon, but it shouldn't impact the project - the treatment he's been given in advance of the surgery has already increased his productivity dramatically, so I think we're doing alright. 

Thank you all for your continued support! Even if it's just backing and filling out a survey, you helped make Turn happen! We'll move into printing once the PDF is in good shape, and I'll keep you updated as it goes. Again, thank you so much - we appreciate your patience, your enthusiasm, and your support more than we can measure!



Pre-Layout Draft Done, Beast Art Finals In, Stretch Goals Progressing!
3 months ago – Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 01:24:33 AM

Hi friends!

I am so excited to tell you that we have TWO major milestones today, and we have one of five stretch goals ready for layout, too!

Milestone #1: Pre-Layout Draft Text Done

The final version of the rules before layout is at now uploaded into the Beta file, and it's VERY plaintext, but that's how it's going to be until we release the pdf (I may pop in to tidy up returns and all, but this is the free text). It's now heading to layout with John, along with everything else we have. We're super excited, this has been so much effort! Thanks to everyone who has supported me and to Tracy for their hard word. 

Milestone #2: Beast Art Finals In

You wanna see something gorgeous?

Beasts Communing by Cecilia Ferri 2019, I am so happy with the work Cecilia did, it's absolutely stunning and captured our final design choices beautifully.
Beasts Communing by Cecilia Ferri 2019, I am so happy with the work Cecilia did, it's absolutely stunning and captured our final design choices beautifully.

This is the final art for the Turn game book for the beasts, one of many gorgeous pieces. We couldn't have been happier with Cecilia's prompt response, skill, or enthusiasm for the work! There are so many pieces I can't wait for you to see in the final product, but this one is one of my favorites, because beasts playing together is a wonderful thing to play out and worth every second - and Cecilia captured it perfectly!

Stretch Goals Progressing - 1/5 Edited, 4/5 in Progress!

We have one of the stretch goals, Harmouth, now in the final stages and ready for layout. We have two with portions or full content submitted, which will take me a bit to go through with editing, and then two further that are staged farther out to ease workflow. These aren't due to release for a while, but I wanted to let you know what was going on with them! 

Reminder: Community Copies, Surveys, & Pre-orders!

Just a reminder to share the community copies application here with your marginalized friends and favorite libraries and community centers! These will be evaluated when we go to printing and I'll work to distribute them. Please do share with international recipients, because we are hoping that we can fund sending out at least a few copies that way.

Make sure to do your surveys! We're so close to 100%, I can taste it! Only 50 backers left to respond, which is honestly so great at this stage, so keep it up. :D

Please also consider sharing the pre-order link! We truly appreciate it. 

Summary & Risks

We are doing great! John's finishing the human art and then will begin layout for the main book. I'll continue through working on the stretch goals, and seeing if we can manage some art for them, too (no promises!). I may be doing some layout work on the stretch goals with John's guidance to help ease the workload! I laid out Behind the Masc by myself and it turned out super great, and John will sign off on everything before it's official. 

John and I have been juggling some health troubles over the past month - John with some persistent bug that will hopefully ease soon, and me with some recurring 8+day migraines that can be debilitating. Others on the team have encountered health trouble too, with cold season causing struggles. I'm still working every minute I'm able on my work here and my other responsibilities, and John works when he can outside of his day job. I know all of the stretch goal designers are putting their hearts into it, too! 

I'm also trying to get additional treatment for my migraines so I can function better and more often. This may mean a couple more doctor appointments or shaky days. What does this mean to the project? It shouldn't mean much! I baked in a lot of time to our timeline to get done. When we get to shipping and printing though, it could hit hiccups - the printer we quoted with is reliable, though, and I've handled shipping before (with Behind the Masc). I just want y'all to be aware that we're monitoring our risks, and we're doing our best.

One piece to share before I go. Thank you all again so much for your continued support, your enthusiasm, and for giving Turn a chance.

a Wolf by Cecilia Ferri. This captures the Wolf archetype so beautifully!
a Wolf by Cecilia Ferri. This captures the Wolf archetype so beautifully!